legal advice on buying a property?

we r planning to buy a semi-independent house from a real estate builder.
the case is
1. the owner of the land has given “power of attorney ” to the builder and has not sold the land to builder.
2. we do not know if the owner of the land is alive or not and we r trying to contact her.
3. builder says he will produce latest( date if which is unknown) power of attorney documents.

my doubt is :
in this case can i proceed to buy the house? in future can the owner’s children file a case against this property and claim it to be theirs as the owner has not sold to the property but only given “power of attorney ” to the builder?
also the owner will not be present during registration, it will be the builder who will sign when we register the property.

Can anyone advice me for proper investment?

I work for a private concern and draw a consolidated pay of Rs.20,000/- per month. My age is 31 and my wife is about to give birth to a baby by end of this year. My monthly commitment will be approximately Rs.10,000/- per month which includes my house rent, groceries, fuel, mobile bill, electricity, water, servant maid, other miscellaneous.

I am about to get a share of Rs.5 Lakhs from my parents which i am planning for a long term investment. I am also planning to build a house in my own land which i purchased recently in another 3 to 4 years max for a budget of 10 to 12 lakhs. Now please suggest me some ways in which i can start my savings from now onwards in such a way that i will have about 2 to 3 lakhs before i start my construction so that i can use it as the initial payment to avail a home loan. I also would like to have some corpus funds which can be liquidated easily for any emergency purposes. I would also like to save for my child’s education and our retired life. As of now i do not have any insurance policy also. I and my wife hold a ICICI lombard health insurance alone.

Please suggest me how effectively can use my resources to save / invest so that we can lead a economically safe life and still achive our goals.

Dear Sir, I seek valuable advice on what other MF Schemes should I invest on SIP basis , considering that I?

Dear Sir,
I seek valuable advice on what other MF Schemes should I invest on SIP basis , considering that I need to accumulate Rs. 50Lacs ++ in span of next 10 years starting from Feb. 2010, ( not to withdraw any during the 10 years period), please advice what should be my mode of investment pattern in terms of Monthly investments, Schemes to continue, new ones to be added, Tenure, ROI expected, etc. (kindly suggest those schemes which do not over lap the schemes which I am already investing as mentioned below).
AS ON DT. 28.01.2010.

kindly advice on my MF Investment Portfolio.?

please advice on which i have invested in MFs.Out of the follwoing which are can i hold and which are better to shift to some other or for redemtion.
1.Reliance Diversified Power Sector–Invested as Lumpsum of 25k in 2008 at nav of Rs.76
2.Reliance Natural Resources–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.25k in 2008 at nav of Rs.10.
3.Axis Equity–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.20k in 2009 at nav of Rs.10
4.ICICI Focussed Equity—Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.20k in 2008 at nav of Rs.13
5.Kotak Indo world Infrastructure–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.10k in 2008.
6HDFC TOP 200—SIP-1500/month from jul2008.
7.Birla Sun Life Frontline equity—SIP–1500/-month from jul 2008.
8.icici Dynamic—SIP—1500/- month from Aug 2009.
9.Birla Sunlife Midcap Plan A–SIP—2000/- month from Nov 2009.
10.SBI Magnum Contra—SIP—Rs.1500/- month from Nov 2009.
11.SBI Blue Chip—-SIP—Rs.1000/- month from Nov 2009.



Iam 36 yrs of age with 2 children aged 5(son) and 3 (daughter). govt job earn fixed salary of 52000 pm with monthly savings of 9000pm plus other govt mandatory investment. looking 15 yrs hence, what should be my financial planing.