Is there any better and secure alternative to Paypal?

I’ve been using paypal for quite sometime now and I am not happy with their service. First, their exchange rate is always lower than the actual rate; I somehow put up with that crap. And now they have stopped personal transactions to and from India. That stinks! This time they have really got on my nerves. Moreover I happened to read more of paypal scam stories and I so don’t want to use their service anymore. So if any of you know a better and safer alternative to paypal, please let me know asap.

How to find the exact location of a house in Google Earth?

I searched up my house in google earth an just put the address (not including the postal code). I found out it was 1 house off. I searched only my postal code, and it was 17 houses off! I know for sure what my postal code is. Is there a way you can find the EXACT location of a house in google earth? I have the newest 2010 version.

PAN Card…?

Can any one give me the nearest address (or any address) in delhi to submit the Request for a Duplicate PAN form..

I stay at Malviya Nagar (South Delhi-110017). Pls help me…