How to change my address in Income tax office?

I hv applied for PAN card from delhi, and i hv got my PAN card 10 months before. but my adress is incorrect in Income tax office. Now i hv to apply for my TDS return and my adress is wrong. so can anybody tell me how can i make my address correct in Income tax data? and how much time it will take? plsssss help me out

Where I shall get the full address of State Bank of India Branches in Tamilnadu?

Though I am working in reserve cank of India, here there is no proper file to know about State Bank of India currency chest branches. As the thing has very important for me to make a separate file , I am very much in need of it. If any body knows any web sites or other sources of information I shall be very greatful to them. My advance thanks for all readers.
Currnecy chest branches with correct phone numbers ,address, and pincode