Will I be able to get the home loan from gov bank for reconstruction of house?

I am an Indian. I live in Bopal, outskirts of Ahmedabad, India. The house is in father’s and mother’s joint name.My parents are alive & are dependent on me as I am the earning member in house. I am the only son & my sister is married. I want to reconstruct my house by taking home loan. Do I need to pay stamp duty on document to get the home loan from gov bank? What shall I do so that I can get Home Loan from Gov. bank?

I have signed as secondary for my husbands bank loan.Will I be able to change it now?

I was forced to sign the bank loan papers of my husband as a secondary assurerer. Due to a family dispute, i am no longer living with him. Though he has not defaulted till now, I am scared that he might default sometime in the future.I dont want to be anyway connected to his bank loan. How can I change the bank loan records? Will it be possible for somebody else to take my place if they are willing?