How to Divide my Grandfathers property?

My grandfather had 3 sons. He died in 1984 of prostate cancer. His eldest son died 6 years before that in a motorbike accident, leaving behind 4 children. My grandfather did not leave a will when he died. My grandmother passed away 5 years back. Now, the dilemma for my father and his surviving brother is how is the ancestral property of my grandfather to be divided? Is it in 3 parts equally or some other way?
Sorry, this is for lawyers in India. I figured since I was posting on Yahoo India, it was understood that this was in India.

Can the Successors who filled case against the father u/s 307 and 498-A IPC claim such property?

The wife and children have filled a criminal case against the husband/father U/S 498-A and 307 of IPC. During the pendency of the case both wife and children deserted the husband/father for long 6 years and did not take any care of him. Inspite of several request the wife and children did not come back. After the death of the accused, now they are claiming his property.Can they succeed?

Which IS The Best Choice For ME?

Hi, I’m Planing To invest 5000-15000 per month in recurring type… what is better than bank’s fixed deposit which is 7.75pa??? i’m planing to invest it for no longer than 5-6 years?? In this case, does LIC Have A Good Plan???