claiming the house in 2008 if my name is not on the mortgage, but property tax?

hi everyone! i want to know if i can claim the house this year if my name is not on the mortgage but on the property tax? my brother’s name is on the mortgage, but BOTH our names are on the property tax. he will NOT be claiming, because he said i can claim it. so, can i? and yes, i have paid more than half the mortgage since last june and i paid all the property tax this past year.

I didnt get my salary from June 2008 – Feb 2009. now If I get the money this year would I have to pay the tax?

This year my total earnings would be somewhere around 3.80 lacks (including last year’s 9 months pending salary) but I payed the other things like PPF and other things (which helps not to pay the tax…) will it be calculated all at a time this year or last year’s salary won’t count this year….??? i m bit confused… Can anybody help me out…?


The investment flavour of the season seems to be Fixed Maturity Plans(FMP) in India as they offer better post tax returns than Fixed Deposit at the same time offering adequate security. What is the indicative pre tax returns on the various FMP schemes open for subscription during August 2008? Which are the mutual funds offering these schemes? What is the procedure for subscribing to these FMP Schemes?