How much rupees stamp should i paste?

I want to send a greeting card to my friend from kumbakonam to chennai through much rupees stamp should i paste on it..i dont have time to ask in the post office.i plan to post it in the postbox near my house..the greeting card is quite big. 30cm *15cm in size..Can i post it in a post box?

Pls give your suggestion for home loan?

Hi….I am planning to buy a home from a builder in Faridabad. I need to take loan of 12 Lakh for a period of 10 years. PNB and LIC housing Finance are offering loan for this. I am bit confused on which oneI should select to take loan. Kindly suggest with reasons for better understanding.

I had taken a personal loan from a pvt bank 10 years back?

I have paid a considerable amount back , I got married 5 years back and since my husband has a transferable job I had to leave my job and so could not pay the balance loan amount,plus I husband is unaware of this loan. Now the recovery agents have got my mobile number and are asking me to pay , I am in no situation to repay the loan amount .what can I do in this situation ? I am desperate .

Need 12 Lakhs after 9-10 years?

Can you please advice me, how and where to invest to get more that 12 lakhs after 9-10 years.
1. Jeevan Saral
2. LIC Table-14
3. Mutual Fund ( if so , then which product and which company + high gain & medium risk)
4. ULIP (Which company)
I can invest monthly 2000 upto 10 years

best investment option?

i have 2.7 lack rupees to invest for 5 to 10 years ? Please suggest. I am confused to invest ? some say invest in ulip, some say in mutual fund, some say in private sector fund and some say in stock market……please suggest what to do…..if ulip which one ? if mf which one ? stock then also which one?