Switch in Mutual Fund?

What are the charges(Entry load, Exit load, commission) in a mutual fund if I switch between scheme of same MF company? Can I switch to a Debt fund also?
Asking for Indian Mutual funds only

Switch in Mutual Fund?
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  1. A fund switch within a mutual fund family should not result in any fees unless you have not held your current fund for very long. Some funds will charge a fee if you’ve held the fund for less than 90 days so that you are not actively “trading” your mutual fund. For specifics, you’ll need to contact your broker or mutual fund customer service department.
    Keep in mind that a fund switch can be a taxable event if not held in an IRA account.

  2. You shouldn’t invest in any fund that charges loads of any kind. There are plenty of excellent no-load funds (e.g. Vanguard), so paying a load is just throwing your money away. Load funds don’t perform any better than no-load funds.

    I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I hate to see people paying exorbitant fees to the financial industry.

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