Suggest on Mutual Fund SIP investment?

1)Is it good or wrong time to invest in MF(SIP) as per current Indian Market since markets are at peak of 16,000 ?

2)Shall i need to wait until sensex goes back to 12k/13k or since iam opting for SIP need not worry abt sensex is at peak/low

3)What are the Current ongoing Best Mutual Funds for SIP(preffered)-Diversified?

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  1. Mutual Fund SIP is long term investment system so you don’t worry this time is best time, Market chance for down up to 13k but it will recover.
    price fluctuation is habit of market you dont thing about that for long term investment.
    Market will touch 30000 point within 10 years in my long term view.

    i am not a responsible for any other loss.

  2. Top 10 Mutual Funds india On basis of 5 year Return
    Top 10 Mutual Funds india On basis of 5 year Return
    Fund name NAV
    Fidelity Equity-G 23.70
    Franklin India Bluechip-G 152.92
    HDFC Balanced-G 36.00
    HDFC Equity-G 174.81
    HDFC Top 200-G 145.72
    HSBC Equity-G 81.92
    HSBC MIP Savings-G 16.56
    Magnum Balanced-G 40.86
    Magnum Contra-G 44.96
    Reliance Growth-G 329.08

  3. Dear,
    Every diversified mutual funds have it sown time.So don’t worried about peak 16000 or something just start.If for long time you will success.

    I suggest RELIANCE Natural resource fund .All investments are risky but there is good returns also.

    good luck

  4. For SIP investment you can enter the market any time and at any point. In SIPs the principle of average works well. Actually a long term investor benefits from the fluctuactions of the market. If the market goes up h is fund value rises and if it falls he will be allotted more units for his current investment.
    have a nice day !

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