4 Replies to “suggest me any good course that open more opportunities for me in making my career in the corporate world?”

  1. Take communication course at a local comm college. Years ago people laughed at this major, however it has become a number one wanted field. If you cannot effectively communicate, how can one do any type of business? good luck hope this helped

  2. It depends on what you want to do career wise. If you want to pursue the security end of business, courses in law would help. If you want a more broad based career, you may want to consider getting a degree in Business with a concentration in Management.

  3. If this question is an example of your communication and writing skills, then I’d suggest some writing and English classes, and this isn’t meant sarcastically. Any other courses you take should be directly related to the career you wish to pursue. What would you rather do than security? What kind of work will make you sing and dance all day long because you like it so much? Decide these things, then talk to a college counselor about which courses will fulfill your needs and goals.

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