10 Replies to “Stock market or mutual fund , which is better?”

  1. It depends. Stock market is much more riskier then mutual fund but also can reward you with moer wealth if you are ion the right side of the investment.

  2. stocks—easier to make money but easier to lose it as well
    mutual funds—safer but the investment companies charge you a percentage of your beginning investment whether you make/lose $ $ $

  3. Dear Frd,

    Only suggestion is if you are comfort in spending money and wait with grace better you play with stock market investing only on equities rather then IPO’s or options.

    But use simple trick and tracking with Patient, as per my suggestion first keep track some stocks into you bucket and keep tracking daily when market is down invest your money in some good stock moment market getting up sell off, always keep stop loss and target price and period and play, to elaborate it takes lot of time, just play safe.

    Best of luck
    Thank you…

  4. Personally I prefer the stock market because I believe it is easier to make money by choosing individual stocks. In my opinion a mutual fund gives you less chance for increasing your portfolio’s value. There is generally too much diversification. Some people equate that with safety but what good is safety if you’re not making any money?

    Of course if you are not able to choose stocks on your own then a mutual fund may be the best way to go. It just depends on whether you’re willing to do some research or not. Some people are not willing to do their own research so the question of whether to buy a mutual fund or not is the same as asking whether you want to make your own investment decision or have someone else do it for you.

  5. If your experience or Funds are limited, you would start with “Conservative”,..Mutual Funds.
    With limited Funds your Risk is Diversification,..Too much money in one Sector,..or Position..
    With more experience and funds you might choose to gradually switch to individual stocks..

    imho,…If you Trade “Growth and Income”,..and Growth” Equity Mutual Funds,..Is better, depending on if you can pick the right funds sector’s,..and ….”Timing”..easy to say lol

  6. For a common man there cannot be a better option than mutual funds. The kind of return they offer to investors in long term are most impressive. They have their own expert fund manager who manages our money and make sure that investors benefit from above average capital appreciation.

    On the other hand investing direectly in stocks can be very challenging. If you have the know how of stock analysis, then probably there cannot be a bettwe investment option than shares. But it will be better to leave this option to experts. For a common man the better will be to go via mutual funds

  7. Both are good. Consult your personal financial planer which one would be the best for you and if both what should be the asset allocation !

  8. The stock market is better because you avoid all the ongoing management fees, but only if you have enough knowledge to manage it yourself and have enough money to diversify into at least 10 stocks. Otherwise a mutual fund is best.

  9. Mutual fund profit is limited, so can get profit 10-20% after a long term, while in stock market you can make more profit on daily basis, so its better to invest in stock market rather than mutual funds.

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