some suitable places to invest in ?

I want to start investing next month onwards, I’m planning to start with a real small amt. as in rs.2000 .Could you please tell me what should I invest in, stock or mutual funds? and of which industry and company ?

some suitable places to invest in ?
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  1. If you are new, please go with Mutual funds. Select some good MF’s like HDFC Top 200, Reliance Equity etc.

    Dont invest directly in equity. Suggest prepare a mock portfolio and allot a dummy amount in it. Moniter the health of the portfolio on monthly basis. Once you are experienced then please invest directly in Market through equity. IPO’s are also good to invest in. CIL, SAIL, State bank of punjab and patiala are the ones who have filed DRHP’s with SEBI.

  2. Stocks lately have been a little dangerous, you may want to check out Forex markets. They are risky too, but you can make money when they drop.

  3. Go with mutual fund.
    Systematic Investment plan would work best for you.

    suggested MFs:

    Reliance Power
    SBI global
    Franklin Templeton Prima
    HDFC tax saver

  4. I thing you are ready to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in a mutual fund. There are numerous mutual fund companies offering some great products for investors. To name a few, you can opt for HDFC Top 200 and start with an SIP of Rs 2000/month.

    A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment tool offered by mutual funds to help investors to save regularly. It is just like a recurring deposit (RD) that people generally do with banks and post office where people deposit small amounts each month into their accounts. The difference between RD and SIP is that here your money is invested in mutual funds. Hence in long term horizon the returns are much higher than bank RD’s or post office RD’s.

  5. hey there !!

    I think trading commodities investing in them would be one of the safest places. why dont you try investing in real estates also

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