Some of the the forex investment companies offering high profit on investments,All these are Real or Fake?

These days so many adds are available on google that “14% daily” “8800% after 5 days”,”want to get rich in your life”,all these companies are offering Forex investment with high return.These companies are real or fake,If not give me some companies which is reliable.

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  1. Seriously man don’t fall for it. It is possible to make 14% a day in forex, the same way it is possible to earn 14% in a casino. But it works both ways.

    That is a ridiculous sum of money that site is offering. !4% a day u can give them 5 bucks and be a millionaire by the end of the year. Why would they offer it to the general public? Do some research in stocks or open a forex demo account at to learn urself. It’s not that hard to make 20% a year which is amazing by most people’s standards

  2. Most of them are really true. With Forex, you can really make or lose money very easily when compared to trading in stocks.

  3. All of the programs out there are designed to make the owners of the program money.

    My opinion is that 75% of what you see advertised will result in the participant losing money. 15% of the “rest” will likely result in the participant breaking even over the long run.

    The experienced investor will know that any investment firm guaranteeing more than 8% on your investment is a scam. In the FOREX world, there are a few traders who have made astonishing gains in their careers. Marketing experts are very quick to capitalize on this and the fact that we are all chasing after the same results.

    I’ve been told by so many traders, “if this system that you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars for works so well, then why doesn’t the promoter just trade it himself?” It makes perfect sense to me. Gains from forex can be exponential given the right sequence of trades. These companies do not need to make a lousy few hundred dollars from selling their system.

    Many of us quick to believe that companies are genuinely trying to help us out by selling a product that will change our financial lives.

    Think of it this way. To make money in a zero-sum game like Forex, you must have an edge. You must know something that the next person does not. If an investment firm has an edge, it would be in their worst interest to sell it to thousands of google adsense viewers.

    I would not dive into any investment program if I have even the slightest uneasy feeling that something is amiss.

    I apologize for sounding negative on this subject, but I have fallen victim to enough forex scams in the past and will do what I can to prevent other honest traders from losing their hard earned money. I have since moved on from buying into someone else’s success and onto simply making my own investment decisions.

  4. You can make a lot of money in forex BUT if they claim 300% or more in profit your chance of lose has increased by that much. Further do not invest with a broker, Rather invest with a club. The best one I have found and use is There is never a fee to be a member of the club and payouts have been consistent Good Luck in all your investment endeavors!

  5. Forex Trading involves a lot of leverage so profit potential is high but so is risk.

    For me, I think some of these programs may be real but most of them will benefit the brokers or sales people the most. It is better to learn the trade yourself and manage your own risk so that loses are limited.

    You can try some of the new forex software systems available and try them out until you are satisfied. Don’t put all your eggs on one system so even if it goes wrong, you have other campaigns. I personally found Forex Killer quite good to generate signals. Has made me some money but I don’t depend totally on it.

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