Software or Website to analyze portfolio overlap in Mutual Fund Schemes?

Is there any way to study portfolio overlap across various mutual fund schemes? For example, whether the same stocks are held by two of the funds I invest in and in what proportion?
Valueresearch, Morningstar etc do not offer this facility.

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  1. I wish,,..Still looking for that..
    Mutual fund companies that are bullish on a stock,. will have that same stock in multiple Funds…

    Yahoo’s Charts Page has a Link to “holdings”, you can do it manually,.. for the few funds you hold..,..Would help,..too

  2. Morningstar actually does offer this service. Check out their portfolio X-ray then click on “intersection”. This will show any stocks that any of your mutual funds have that overlap. You will need a premium subscription to see this feature however. There might be another company that offers a similar tool, but I’m not sure who or what it would cost.

    Good luck!

  3. I guess only way to find such information is to check fact sheet of both mutual fund schemes as i have not found any website which provide such type of information.

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