SIP Which one to choose?

I am a salaried person work for a private firm. I would like to invest in mutual funds through SIP. But I am confused which one to take among the hundreds available. I would like to invest in two or three funds of minimum investment Rs 1000/- p.m. I can take risk in one of them. Pls suggest me a good fund in a present market scenario.

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  1. I have invested in HDFC long term advantage growth.I felt it was better in the recession time when compared to other MF I have.

    I have also invested in SBI maxim gain fund and Franklin Templeton Tax shield.

    I am in least losses when compared to my friends in other MF’s.

  2. There are plenty of them. For instance Rel. diversified power sector, UTI Infrastructure, Principal Large Cap, BSL Equity etc etc.

  3. assuming the objective of the investment as long term, I suggest the following funds
    1. DSP Black Rock Top 100 Equity
    2. ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund
    3. HDFC Top 200 Equity

    It would also be wise to include an income fund or Gold Exchange Traded Fund in your portfolio

    I can also suggest you a website for mutual fund information, viz.

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