SIP mutual funds query for 20 years?

Hi friends,

So I am 28 and have decided to retire by 48…..hopefully….I am planning to invest through SIP on the following.. plz comment whether its okay, good or poor or if any suggestion i will be grateful.

1. HDFC Top 200 : 1000 rs
2. DSP BR Small & Mid Cap: 1000 rs
3. HDFC Tax Saver 1000 rs
4. SBI Magnum Contra 1000 rs
5. Sundaram Select Midcap – Regular Plan (G) 1000 rs
6. PPF(provident fund….at 8.6% flat) 3000

I have gone for multiple funds to lower down the risk, as even if 2 or 3 of them fail but the rest give a desired 20-25% return, i will be close to a crore.

Pls advice if any correction can be made to the above.

Have a nice day

SIP mutual funds query for 20 years?
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  1. all are anyway a market based investment except ppf, i think you should go for rd or fd also because depending upon market condition every sip will loose according to its risk.

  2. You have an early start which is good, but expecting 25% returns consistently for 20 years is not possible. You also need to diversify your investments into Gold, Debt funds, diversified mutual funds, etc also

    In mutual funds choose ONLY diversified mutual funds and not sector specific funds. limit your funds to large cap and mid cap mix, do not invest in small cap. Though your choice of funds look good now, you need to review your portfolio each year. Sometimes the best of funds become laggards over a period of time

    You will have to bump up your monthly SIP to more than 8000 if possible

  3. For an investment of Rs 5000 a month , you do not need 5 funds.

    You are getting tax benefit under 80C for your investments in ppf and HDFC TAX SAVER. i.e Rs 4000 per month . i.e Rs 48000 per year.

    INVEST RS 48000 every year before APRIL 5th in PPF . This way you get interest @ 8.6% for the FULL YEAR.

    From next financial year ELSS is going to be removed.

    You can invest the remaining Rs 4000 in the following funds

    1) HDFC TOP 200 / HDFC EQUITY …….. Rs 2000
    2) FRANKLIN INDIA BLUE CHIP …………..Rs 1000

    Visit to understand MUTUAL FUNDS

  4. HDFC Tax Saver & HDFC Top 200 Plans
    ICICI Discovery and Dynamic Plans
    SBi Magnum Fund

    All of these are the best for investment purpose.

  5. You might be close to a crore, based on the capital you have invested. However you should also consider the effect of inflation. Inflation has been not less than 7-8% these days. So, every year the cost of living would be increasing by this rate and gets compounded every year. So having a big amount in terms of today’s price should not be used for calculations for the future.

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