3 Replies to “SIP investment – which is better RD or Mutual funds?”

  1. I am assuming that you will get 7% return in RD & 15% in mutual fund.

    If you invest Rs. 1 per month then you get Rs 175 in RD & Rs 279 in Mutual fund assuming above return for 10 year

    So to get 10 Lakh after 10 years, you should invest 10 Lakh / 175 = 5744
    in RD & 10 Lakh / 279 = 3588 in Mutual Fund.

    Go for SBI Magnum Contra, Reliance Growth & ICICI Infrastructure Fund.

  2. Don’t just invest in Mutual Fund alone. Divide your investments like this:

    20% Gold
    40% Mutual Fund Equity
    20% Mutual Fund Debt
    20% Bank FD

    You may adjust this based on your risk apetite as returns in mutual fund/share market is not guaranteed

    Good luck

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