Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?

The kiranawallas and the roadside vegetable and eatable vendors do not pay taxes which is a big revenue leakage for the govt. The big retail chains will give employment, pay taxes to the govt. and also make the shopping a pleasant experience. Why the political parties are supporting these tax evading kiranawallas? Whether the common people should support such political parties?

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  1. Yes did you know this matter newly one idiot retailer chain called well-mart started its market in India.This is what the hell happening in India.

  2. which party bothers about others? They want only our votes. If Big retail shops are opened the farmers will get higher rates and we get items for cheaper price. But the merchants will loose their higher profit. For example in the market is Onion is sold for 24 per k.g. The farmers wont get more than 5 Rs. per Kg. Maximum price should not be more than Rs.10/ per kg.(14 rs. taken by differnet commission agents)

  3. A lot of Kirana wala and vegetable sellers, Rehri wala etc. have PAN. All need PAN etc. for investment etc. Income tax deptt. is going to all for tax purpose.

  4. All should be free to trade. You should be free to purchase from anyone. It is free economy.

    Politians support these vendors only because of Votes

  5. You will have to support the kiranawalas, the reason being, as big retail chains will open, there will sure be some employment opportunities but at the same time there will also be massive unemployment of the road side vendors and kiranawallas. These people for earning will change their work line and will work at cheap rates, this will again affect the other person earning because now they will also have to work at cut throat rates. Here is where it will affect you.

  6. I don’t want to go in merits of the big retail chains. But I object your statement that kiranawallas and road side vendors do not pay taxes. If they are not paying taxes, it is because everybody has been given concession in Acts and Rules. If they don’t pass the taxfree limits, it is natural that they will not pay taxes.

    For example, it turnover of a roadside vendor does not cross Rs.5 lakhs during the year, he is not required to obtain VAT number and pay VAT. If he is not earning more than Rs.1 lakh, why he will pay Income Tax?

    Everybody is working for earning livelihood and you can’t deny their right.

  7. 1. Whether they pay tax or not, it is immaterial for politicians, but these guys VOTE!

    2. These guys have 4-5 votes per house and they vopte en-block! These vote banks are very important fr the politicians.

    3. These voptersd& vote banks are the survuval mantras for the local level/grassroot political operators since these are the guys who mobilise votes as well as collect crowds for the rallies, protests etc.

    4. You and Me may be paying taxes, but we rarely go out and vote, we never go to rallies or prtoest marches. For the political machinery and politicians it is the numbers that matter!, quantity is more important than quanlity for these guys.

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