Should we take a loan to invest somewhere?

A finance company offers me a personal loan of 2 lacs.Should I take the loan and invest somewhere?Is it a good practice?If yes, where can we invest the amount?

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  1. i think u dont have any particular idea to invest the dont do.
    never invest the loan amount in share market, may leads to big big loss

  2. I’m in the US and have no idea what 2 lacs are, but what you’re asking is a BAD idea. You are going to be charged interest on the money, correct? Let’s say that interest is 5%. To make a PROFIT from this, your investment would have to make more than a 5% return. That is likely to NOT happen, plus you risk losing the money.

  3. I think it is a bad idea, simply because it goes against one of the fundamental investing principles – don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. But you can consider another options of investing where you can get without a loan.

  4. It is surely not advisable to take a personal loan for investing. The interest charged on a personal loan will be anywhere between 16% to 20%, Even assuming that it is 16%, no one can guarantee you a return of more than that even by investing in a stock market. If someone offers you, then he is taking you for a ride.

  5. No, this is not a good idea to invest money which you will get from loan, because in the future market may be down or up and you may loss your money,so if you have money of yours then this will be the better option for investment.

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