Should we have option to report an accident legally? or just claim with insurance company?

We were not sure if we should file a claim but we wanted to report accident but with our company we had no option to report accident, only option we had is file a claim.
Is this legal and ok? by law should not we have an option to file a report?
I am asking about reporting accident to insurance company and not to police.
Should we have option to report accident/incident to insurance company or only option we can have is filing a claim?

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  1. you have a option to file or not to file if you hit something you should report it to cops legally if it was a car then yes for sure something like you back into a pole or a mial box maybe not so much an dwouldnt need a report just turn it into insurance either way if you want it fix and you dont want to payout as much you use insurance is what your paying for right

  2. Once you have made a claim (which is really the equivalent of making a report) to your insurance company, you have met the requirements. If there is something else that needs to be done, your insurance should advise you or handle it for you.

  3. you have to report it to he police otherwise your insurance will not accept it. the FR10 form that is given to you by the police will be submitte dto the DMV to verify you were driving with insurance.
    I was with a company that I told I am not making a claim I am just reporting the accident and need you to submit the FR10 to the DMV and they were dumbfounded. Technically though you will be “filing a claim” – just a zero dollar/activity claim

  4. Reporting to the police depends on your state law. Generally if there’s any injury and/or damage over a certain amount (usually $750 or $1000) it must be reported. Your state DMV’s web site may give you this information. The company won’t file the report; that’s your responsibility.

  5. The way that you report an accident to an insurance company is to file a claim.

    Filing a claim IS the same thing as reporting an accident to the insurance company. If you don’t want them to pay you for your damage just tell them that you don’t want to pursue payment under your collision coverage. You can also tell them you are reporting the claim for “information only”. It will still get assigned to an adjuster. The adjuster will still do an investigation. But if it’s appropriate to close your claim file with out payment, that is what they will do. You will still have to cooperate in the investigation of the accident.

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