4 Replies to “should I transfer my home loan from HDFC to IDBI?”

  1. Hi Pans,

    Standard Chartered Bank is offering an 9.5%* Int on Balance Transfer for Home Loan in Bangalore. If you your looking to avail this offer then contact me [email protected]

    * – Terms & Conditions Apply

  2. You will have to weigh the pros and cons…difference in interest rates..how much r u going to benefit from it per month/annually. Then u also have to consider the extra amount that u will have to pay as a result of transferring the loan. Also how many emi’s have already been paid. You will have to check with HDFC as to the amount that u will have to finally pay along with the prepayment charge. You should be sure that u r going to save a decent amount of money by transferring. As far as banks go, both IDBI and HDFC are good, I dont think it should make a huge difference with which bank u have a house loan. What matters is the amount of money that u r going to save in the long run.

  3. No financial benefit is there by transfer of any home loan from one bank to other, as original terms & conditions always remain same. However, for better services it may be transferred.

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