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  1. Wait until the due date (or a little before) and pay it in full whenever at all possible. This will keep you from paying interest and keep you out of trouble.

  2. Never pay the minimum if you can help it. Otherwise, you’ll wind up paying a boatload of interest. If you can pay it off, do.

    The general rule of thumb for best credit scores is to never go over 30% of your credit line at any time and to make timely payments. If you can’t afford to pay your balance at once, it won’t hurt your FICO to make payments as long as you adhere to that 30% rule, but you are penalizing yourself by having to pay interest on any carried over balances.

  3. Don’t worry credit card company will send you bill and after receiving of the bill you wil also get tiem at lest 10-15 dasy then you can see your minimum payment amount and total paybale amount you can pay menimum payment and if you want to avoiad to pay extra interest better to the actual with in due date atlest 2-3 days before drop the cheque if you want to pay by cheque

  4. Well you should wait for the the bill to be prepared and hence you can utilize the credit period which has been alloted to you? But as soon as your bill is prepared please make sure that you clear your total outstanding and not make the minimum payment as the interest crops on and the total interest after 2 months is charged on compound interest basis.