Should I file my income tax returns through Auditor?

I am a salaried person in India. My company deducted the income tax every month and gave me the form16. Now, should I file the returns to income-tax department? If yes, can I do it myself or should I go through an auditor?
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Should I file my income tax returns through Auditor?
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  1. dude u dnt approach an auditor fr the purpose…u either go to a C.A or an advocate whose into this….

    i think ul need a C.As signature tht wuld certify it ….

    also ul need to file IT RETURN for ur income from other sources like house property , cap. gain etc,.

    n dis form 16 is only for TDS purpose i gues..

  2. If your total income for the Financial year exceeded the exempted limit (Rs.160,000 -Male, Rs. 190,000- Female), you are required to file your IT return (ITR-1, Sahaj) before July 31st. There is no compulsory requirement to approach an auditor for return filing, if you are comfortable in doing on your own.

    If your sole income is income from salary, then you, yourself, can fill up the return based on your Form 16. It is not so complicated.

  3. Return filling by your self is not difficult nor impossible but there are minute things which only an expert can take care. If you are confident you can file the ITR without any blunder then go ahead otherwise it is better to take help of some knowledgeable consultant. Small saving may prove costly in future.

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