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  1. What are stock index like sensex & nifty?

    Sensex & Nifty are nothing but ‘Stock Index’ which can make a common man know whether the market ig going up or going down.Stock Indexes are just numers that helps to measure the movement of market against a benchmark index, taken as 100, on a base year. Sensex is a stock Index for Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and Nifty if of National Stock Exchange (NSE).

    Stock Index is calculated daily. The calculation is done by tracking the share price of constituent member companies. For Example, Sensex is an index comprising of 3o representing shares. These 30 shares represent all the balance shares normally traded in the market. Nifty has 50 representing shares.

  2. Sensex is a index of 30 large companies of all sectors shares stock of Bombay stock exchange (BSE).
    The base year of SENSEX is 1978-79 with a base value of 100.
    Nifty is a base index of 50 companies shares stock of National Stock Exchange (NSE)
    For Nifty the base year is 1995 and the base value 1000.
    due to difference in companies and base year and base value both are different.
    although out of 30 stock of sensex allmost all company stocks are in base index of 50 nifty.