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  2. The BSE Sensex or Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index is a value-weighted index composed of 30 stocks with the base April 1979 = 100. It consists of the 30 largest and most actively traded stocks, representative of various sectors, on the Bombay Stock Exchange. These companies account for around one-fifth of the market capitalization of the BSE.

    The base value of the Sensex is 100 on April 1, 1979 and the base year of BSE-SENSEX is 1978-79.

    At irregular intervals, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) authorities review and modify its composition to make sure it reflects current market conditions.

    The abbreviated form “Sensex” was coined by Deepak Mohoni around 1989 while writing market analysis columns for some of the business newspapers and magazines. It gained popularity over the next year or two.

    The index has increased by over ten times from June 1990 to today. Using information from April 1979 onwards, the long-run rate of return on the BSE Sensex works out to be 18.6% per annum, which translates to roughly 9% per annum after compensating for inflation
    the movement indicate the price movements in those stocks which represents the market as a whole..
    The following are the stocks in the sensex


    Ambuja Cements Ltd

    Bajaj Auto


    Bharti Airtel


    DLF Ltd

    Grasim Industries


    HDFC Bank

    Hindalco Industries

    Hindustan Lever Limited

    ICICI Bank


    ITC Limited

    Larsen & Toubro

    Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

    Maruti Udyog



    Ranbaxy Laboratories

    Reliance Communications

    Reliance Energy

    Reliance Industries

    Satyam Computer Services

    State Bank of India

    Tata Consultancy Services

    Tata Motors

    Tata Steel


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