Sending any important documents found in road through post office?

do any one knows that we can send any important documents we find in road through post by just dropping it in to the near by post box. also the penalty will be charged from the owner of the document

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  1. Here is a link to your camcorder’s manual:
    In the English version, starting at page 46. Windows Vista no longer supports using the USB driver for transferring video (XP barely supported it). This does not mean is is not possible, it just means neither Microsoft nor Sony are updating those USB drivers – you *may* even get them to work, but the preferred and supported method is by using i.LINK.

    DV format video from a miniDV tape based computer is transferred using firewire (IEEE1394a, i.LINK, DV are all the same thing). Connect the camcorder’s DV port (not USB) to the computer’s firewire400 port. If your computer does not have a 1394 port, hopefully it has a PCMCIA or ExpressCard expansion slot so you can add an 1394 port. Since you did not tell us which laptop, we have no way to know what the hardware configuration is.

    Once you get the Firewire port working, no other device specific drivers (i.e., camcorder drivers) are needed. With the camcorder in pay mode and connected properly to the firewire port, you can “capture” the video through MovieMaker or whatever video editor you choose (WinDV works well, too).

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