Selling my property which is on mortgage?

I bought a plot in mysore in 2005 and have built a house and left it on rent now i have decided to sell it. The property is registered in my name and the loan for the site and construction was taken in my name and i have all the documents supporting that i have incurred all exps. My question is can i sell it without my wife’s consent?

Selling my property which is on mortgage?
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  1. In the US you and your wife are one when it comes to the owner ship of real property. If you tried to sell and she found out she could stop the sale. If you sale before she finds out there will be other ramification. This is even true if you bought the property before you were married.

    The words I do and that Marriage license are power full things when it comes to deciding ownership of things. A marriage license is recognized legal document available for public view.

    When I listed properties i would always go aside form checking the deed I would always checks records for marriages and divorces. I have been able to list property because fo these issues. Even if you and a buddy buy a property and he gets married unless certain arrangements are made that new wife can lay claim to the property. Even than it could be challenged.

    The aren’t joking when you say for better or worse.

  2. Legally you can sell it without your wife’s consent. No problem.

    But bringing it to wife’s knowledge is better to avoid misunderstanding in domestic front.

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