3 Replies to “SBI mutual fund through ICICI bank account – reg.?”

  1. You can certainly invest in SBI mutual fund as long as you have an account in ANY bank whatsoever so that you can write out a check from that bank account. You do not need an account with SBI bank to open a mutual fund of SBI. As to SBI’s mutual funds they have two good funds which are Magnum Contra fund (G) and Magnum Comma fund (G). If you are investing in a SBI fund check these two funds out. They are supposed to be good funds.

  2. 100 % possible if you stay in one of the 16 big cities. it is perfect ok to invest in SBI MF with ICICI bank account auto debit.

    if your MF broker is ICICI demat account, my experience says you will be well off to go to a broker or direct rather then thru ICICI demat. there charges are very high

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