sale deed is safe option to buy a property from parents?

i m planning to purchase a open plot from my mother in law by registering a sale deed to my name, i want to know that in future my brother in law have a right to claim on prorety b’coz earlier it was name of my mother in law, pls suggest me whether it is safe to purchase property from parents

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  1. Yes it is safe and no, no one can claim to the property because the previous owner, your mother-in-law, gave you a clear title.

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  3. If the property was purchased by your mother – in – law originally out of her self acquired funds, then your purchase from her is a valid legal title.

    But if the property was inherited by your mother -in – law from your father – in – law, then your husband’s brothers & sisters if any will also have right over the property !

    So it is better to consult a local Lawyer.