Salary structure for employee under real estate broker?

I want to work under real estate agent/broker in gurgaon city. but i want to know the salary structure they offer. i need to know that how much incentives they offer on different kinds of property dealings?? I need to know that how much percent of brokerage they provide to employee on property sales & resales which is done by his employee?? can u please give me the data in details??

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  1. there is many site where you can find such structure. but i suggest you below tips

    Career Information
    Real Estate Brokers and Agents: Career, Salary and Education Information
    Career Profile: What do Real Estate Brokers and Agents do?
    Real estate brokers and agents smooth out the stressful process of buying a house. These property professionals use their skills to match prospective buyers with new homes, condos, business space, and land. Brokers and agents can choose to specialize in one of the aforementioned property types or they can limit their business to a specific location.

    To know more

    visit this links

  2. Every brokerage offers a different commission structure. Interview with 3-4 different brokerages in your area and ask your questions directly to the broker.

    Good luck!

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