Safest Mutual Funds?

I would want a very low risk investment option-where I can put Rs 10000-20000 per month. This should give higher returns than a conventional bank recurring deposit. Can you suggest something for me? This is not for tax saving purpose. I have already made Rs. 1 lakh investment for tax saving for 2007-08 in other options.

Safest Mutual Funds?
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  1. Look at the family of Franklin Templeton funds. I have made about 50 percent on my investment in the past 3 years with one of their funds. They are Morningstar rated 4 and 5 star funds. I recommend them highly.

  2. Better u can for mutual funds in ULIP That should be better than other investments… In the mutual funds there are many ways to sharing the risk.

  3. This may be of interest to you. I believe it meets most of your criteria.

    Click on investment details at the bottom left of your screen to learn more.

    Safety is ok for a portion of your investments but you should also consider return in addition to safety. In my opinion, which historically has proved valid, investments in equities will provide you with a much higher return than in very safe investments. You can prove this for yourself at some risk. Put 2/3 of your investments into safe funds and 1/3 into a good equity fund and after 5 years, compare their returns. I expect you will be amazed.

  4. no mututual fund is totally safe and can move with the market and economic and political is safe ot invest inthe unit linked insurance plans as gives you double benefit of growth and insurance.

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