Rules/Conventions in allocation of partitioned property?

Are there any conventions followed in partition,hence allocation of properties in South India/T.N. between brothers when the rectangular [L x W] ancestral property,W: facing SOUTH,of a 30′ road. Suggest some possibilities- How does the law see the rules of apportioning hence allocation of the same to legal heirs?
antonius: Your response ain’t funny.TN = Tamil Nadu/ INDIA and local conventions is what is implied.

Rules/Conventions in allocation of partitioned property?
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  1. Does T.N. represent Tennessee? Also what has has facing south have to do with anything, unless there is something you are not telling. If there is a value situation for the art facing the road, then you will have to negotiate with the other parties involved.

  2. Your property is on East-West street and facing south.

    In general when the property is equally divided facing the road, Eastern end portion will be to the younger most and western end portion will be to the eldest. In between in the same order. But this is the tradition followed in society and there is no such written rule.

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