Repayment of credit card dues?

Last six years I have been paying out my dues on my credit cards regularly but very recently 9Rather from last month) , I am unable to clear some EMIs( Mainly for Cash Loan on Card) as my salary/income has gone down drastically.I tried to convince the Banks but they are not ready to listen anything.I live in Kolkata / India.Please advise me what is the ultimatum or what should I do.

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  1. You tell credit card company that you are proprietor of M/S Engulf and Devour, and you will not pay come what may.
    They may settle this but you have to pay in any case. They can give you EMI’s.
    They will put your name on defaulters list( CIBBIL) which information is shared by all banks, thereafter you will not get any penny from anywhere.
    gentleman please keep your intentions clean., as you have used card you should pay for credit availed.
    If you dont want to pay as you seem to say go ahead and face music.

  2. take a small loan on any of your investment (which will have interest rate of 10 -12 %) and pay of credit card dues. And dont use the card and repay the loan at the earliest

  3. Once again approach the Banker and explain your postion. Request the banker to extend a long term loan for a period suitable for you, so that the monthly instalment reduces to such a level, which is comfortable for you to repay.

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