Regarding Transfer of Accounts?

Sir, I have two A/C’s in Sbi in same branch, one is salary a/c and other is savings on my own name. I want to surrender savings A/C and wants to transfer/link all the Amount, FD’s and PPF account to the other A/C. how is it possible.Please guide me…the Salary A/C was transferred from other branch to the same branch as it is near to my home…pls help…..

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  1. Just fill up withdrawal slip/cheque for the entire amount available at credit of your SB a/c(in own name) ans deposit it in salary a/c by filling remittance slip. Then surrender pass book and un used cheque leaves, duly cancelled, of SB a/c with a written request to close this a/c.Separate standing instruction for linking FD, PPF a/c etc may also be done.The matter ends.

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