Regarding Mutual funds in India?

Hi All , I want to invest in mutual funds but I do not have any idea about mutual funds . Can anyone please explain me….say if I want to invest 25,000 rs then what would be the best scheme . Please suggest. Thank u all in advance. I am planning to do it in SBI.
25,000 is just an example that i mentioned and not actually the exact amount.
please explain . thanks

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  1. That is such as small amount (I did the currency converstion).
    Just keep the money in savings or liquid cash for an emergency.
    Start investing, and you will end up getting eaten alive with fees.

  2. As previous answerer said, if your goal is 3 or more years away, you can consider equity funds. But investing at one time in equity may be riskier.

    All fund houses are offering Systematic transfer plan, where the fund will be parked in debt / liquid fund earning interest and every month a fixed amount (as you desire) will be transferred to equity fund to get the benefit of cost of averaging.

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