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  1. hi

    invest in systematic investment plan method for long time in any mutual fund.

    take dividend option. if you want income tax benefit also go for ELSS schemes.


    is one of the best fund. and take one term insurance plan and a mediclam policy.

    for term insurance LIC”s AMULYA JEEVAN 1 or ANMOL JEEVAN 1 is best option

    for Medical insurance take STAR FAMILY HEALTH OPTIMA medical insurance policy is best option

    with this balanced planning life is in safe and secured position.

  2. Dear buddy,

    In mutual fund, if u want higher return then u supposed to have higher patience and higher risk bearing capacity. For getting higher return in mutual fund I suggest u to invest in pure equity fund or if you want to decrease the risk of loss then I suggest u to invest in diversified equity fund.

    Good luck

  3. Mutual fund invests in the stock market. So the returns given by the mutual fund are loosely dependent on the stock market returns. If the market itself does not do well, there is very little a mutual fund can do.

    While it is good to invest in the best of funds, but your return expectations are hypothetical.

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