Regarding ancestral property,do i hav equal right in it?

My mother had inherited ancestral property from my grand mother after her death,the property is in my mother and father name they are still alive being the only son do i have a right and equal share in the property or my son {grandson} or my married sister

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  1. Look up Indian Inheritance law …

    At a GUESS, it will be based on UK Law – if your grandmother died without a making a Will the property would have been shared amongst all her children – or, if any have died, their children

    Since your parents are still alive, either one inherited 100% or purchased the shares of the others …

    Until they die, they can do what they like with the property .. when they die, I ASSUME you & your sister will inherits equal shares … if you or she die before they do, your son / her children get your / her share …

    … or maybe not == my assumptions may be wrong == look up your own countries Law !!!

  2. Your parents could leave the property to you after they die if they” choose” to but you do not have any rights at this time. They could also sell it or leave it to anyone of their choosing and you would have no recourse.

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