Reg Mutual Fund Query?

I am new to Mutual Fund. i am planning to invest 10K each in HDFC Top200 Fund and in Sundaram BNP Select will good or any other funds will be there?

Reg Mutual Fund Query?
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  1. where you invest is guided by what you want. HDFCT200 is a very good option for a long run, whAt i feel is that it is basically at its peak value right now. HDFC equity may be a better option. as far as BNP is concerned, try finding out other MF schemes which are also investing in small and mid caps.
    All said and done, do what you feel right. allda best boss and happy investing!

  2. Regarding mutual funds, HDFC top200 fund is a good option, but for your better help contact investing firms they are professionals, and have the right knowledge,
    my all investments on shares and mutual funds are totally taken care by Sushil Finance.
    but research on the investment firm and then take your decisions.

  3. The funds selected by you for investing are funds launched by reputed fund houses, which follow distinct investment processes and systems.

    HDFC Top 200, is a large cap fund which has outperformed its benchmark (BSE 200) as well it category peers across all time frames. Similarly, Sundaram Select Midcap is also a good performer in the mid cap fund segment, has also outperformed its benchmark (BSE Mid cap) as well it category peers across all time frames.

    Please remember invest in equity mutual funds with a long-term (3 – 5 years) time horizon

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