Real estate careers other than property broker?

I am pursuing a real estate course in India. However, in Indian property market, the only career that seems to be available is of property brokers. i want to know what are the other career options available in any property market (including India, if any)?

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  1. You are right, In india property brokerage career is highly visible but no property market can run only with property brokers and there has to be other professionals. This is also the case with Indian property market. Like any other market, you can have the below given career options in India. However, you should have suitable educational background to pursue any given career option.

    The Different Career Options in Real Estate Sector:

    Real Estate Marketing
    Real Estate Broking
    Commercial Real Estate
    Real Estate Finance
    Real Estate Investment
    Real Estate Portfolio Management
    Real Estate Appraisal
    Facilities Management
    Real Estate Research

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