Power Of attorney for NRI based in US?

I am an NRI from India and am currently based in US. I want to give a Power of Attorney to my father to purchase property on my behalf. Could you please let me know the procedure on how to do it.

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  1. You need to hire a lawyer in India. This is because laws are different than in India. Also don’t do a general PoA, as this give the individual total control over everything of yours. You want to do what is called a special PoA, which allows you to specify exactly what you want to give your father rights to do in your name.

  2. a power of attorney is usually both topic focused [to buy property as you stated] and
    time focused; this PoA expires March 30, 2010, or any specific date.

    And there are limited; to sign purchase contract to buy, to sign the deed,

    and general–which are worse. and frowned [to handle all my activities with this company
    or property]

    it is ideal to use an atty to create the document but at a minimum, it needs a notary to
    authorize the person to have a Power of atty from you.

    [so, you would be well off having two documents, the notorized document indicating
    you are of sound mind and body and you wish this person, who is………at
    this address, and occupoation, to do these things…….[stipulate them]

    then, the Power of Atty:

    john doe, my ..friend [?] is here by granted this limited power of attorney .to………
    to last until……………

    keep this in mind; while a P of A is a legal document, no one anywhere is forced to
    accept it–it only PERMITS the holder [your P o A] to act and sign for you.
    [because unless the person ready to deal with the PoA can contact YOU,
    the P o A can be accused of having a bogus document]

  3. You have to draft a Power of Attorney with clear terms authorising your father to manage transactions pertaining to the property and the same has to be get attested in the Indian embassy and to be sent to your father and the POW has to get certified in the concerned Sub-registrar office to take legal effect.

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