Post office schemes and PPF?

Are post office schemes and PPF a good choice to put your money in? How important is it to have a financial planner? Which financial planner would you recommend?

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  1. Yes post office an.d PPF are a good choice and are the safest .If you are investing a large amount then a financial planner is a good option .

  2. If you are looking for safe investment, Post Office & PPF are good options. Having a financial planner is not a must. You need a planner if
    1. you can’t plan & allocate for your financial goals
    2. Can’t analyse equity investments(stocks, MFs etc) by yourself.

    As to how to get a good planner, there is no fixed way. You might have to talk to many of them before you get one. Few signs of good planner are –
    – doesn’t recommend mutual fund NFOs
    – doesn’t ask you to buy/sell frequently(say more than once every six months to a year)
    – Knows all your goal
    – Can answer all you questions
    – Recommends you to buy term plan
    – is one you find honest

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