Plz tell me the Rights of self acquired property?

My uncle was a retired govt employee and he acquired the total property by his own, and he has a adopted married daughter, my uncle sold a land for his family expenses , but the adopted daughter has file a case on my uncle and the purchaser of land, is there any rights to her on my uncles self acquired property.

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  1. I am sure it is more to the case than you have explained, otherwise a lawyer would not have filed the lawsuit. If it is his property then he can sell his property, it is that simple.

  2. It is totally wrong to say that the adopted daughter must had some interest/share/right in the property hence a lawyer filed such case for claiming the same.
    Many lawyers in India do indulge in such sort of filling of false cases just in order to trouble others and file their pocket so no need to defend lawyers in India whom I know better than most as I’m one of the member of their fraternity.
    The property in question was self acquired as you state here and the documents pertaining to the purchase, registration etc of the property must be with your uncle, based on these your uncle can defend such illegal claim filled by his adopted daughter who has been mislead by someone may be her husband,in laws or her lawyer.
    This woman has no right in the self acquired property of your uncle and your uncle can always dispose the said property according to his sweet will during his lifetime and even after his death as he so please. He can dis-own the adopted daughter, he can dis-inherit her from all her property, he can make Will with regard to the property owned by him after his death in favor of any one he so desire to give it.