8 Replies to “plz suggest the best guaranteed return single premium investment plan for 5 to 10 years for 35 years old widow?”

  1. There is never a guarantee… and if anybody knew the answer…
    he/she wouldn’t give it out ot the public… When too many people
    invest in the same thing… it get’s overpriced.

  2. sir i dont suggest to you to invest single term. invest in regualr term. let suppose mr. a has 500000/- rs and he want to invest for 5-10 years to have good return. so i as an investment advisor suggest him to invest 100000/- anually in “bharti-axa’s bright star insurance plan” for 5 years. the policy duration is 20 years but prem payment duration is only 5 years. and after 5 years i.e form 6th year he will have 50000/- (min) annual income form his policy fund value (as partial withdrawls) for up to policy term.
    so as per ur querry for investment advisory for widow, i think this plan is best. because in this investor cover by 10 times insurance cover of his yearly premium and in event of death the nominee will get sum assured and at the 20th year (i.e maturity) of plicy nomine will get the fund value.

    so plese reply about views and let me make ur insurance policy.

  3. No insurance plan can be best due to charges.

    PPF will also not suit as its term is 15 years.

    Buy a debt mutual fund as it will give best return without much charges.

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