3 Replies to “pls tell me a penson plan & best lic plan detail with example in lic of india?”

  1. First of all please think if you really need insurance…insuance is to be taken only if you have any dependents on you…say if anything happens to you tomo then LIC will support your dependents..

    If you think you really need it then go for term plan…all the insurance agents will be after you to buy endowment plan coz they get a good commission…plz ignore them & ask only for term plan

    If you want to take insurance for investment purpose then go for MF, stocks, NSC etc

  2. Avoid all insurance plans for pension. Instead invest in PPF and create a corpus till retirement. After retirement you can continue to withdraw the interest earned on your corpus as tax free pension. Pay Rs 500 every year to keep account alive after retirement. By entering into an insurance plan , you are limiting your corpus . An SIP in mutual funds will create an even bigger corpus , which then can be invested in immediate annuity at the time of retirement. Pension will start immediately. Your pension depends only on your corpus. Greater the corpus , higher the pension.

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