Pls give your suggestion for home loan?

Hi….I am planning to buy a home from a builder in Faridabad. I need to take loan of 12 Lakh for a period of 10 years. PNB and LIC housing Finance are offering loan for this. I am bit confused on which oneI should select to take loan. Kindly suggest with reasons for better understanding.

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  1. dude, if u wanna know which one to choose then consult with the employees of the banks ur taking the loan from and make sure to aske questions in details. Like the types of interest on them wether they’re flucuating or fixed. The options u have regarding the loans and such. And if u don’t trust them then go to a consultant of some other bank. They’ll help u out.

  2. Ask PNB and LIC about their terms and conditions, particularly rate of interest and other charges like processing, delay payment fine etc.
    Compare both and decide.
    If you can’t judge, simply consult an expert, never hesitate to spend a few rupees for consultation when you are going to make deal in lakhs so that you will be secure in future.

  3. PNB & LIC both are good.
    you have to check up the rate of interest & processing fees and find out which is benificial.

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