Pls advice me.which are best fund i can invest..?


I am from India

I plan to invest Rs 40,000/- in mutual fund…I am expecting good return..Pls advice me.which are best fund i can invest..?Thanks in advance

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  1. schems depends upron your requirement without which blankly no one suggest the schemes you ant to invest fo rlong term, short term and ur age and risk apetite etc i am mutual fund advisor and we advise the best mail me at [email protected]

  2. I would recommend you to take a 20,000 Rs position each in Infrastructure and pharma funds. You may do cost averaging, should these funds go down 10%. Btw, go directly to the asset management firm, so, that way, you don’t have to bear entry load.

  3. Why don’t you try Birla SunLife Insurance Dream Plan and Be insured by it. .It will save you from giving inome tax too and will double your capital Rs.30000 into 5 years.
    Also,you will get aditional benefits if you do this through The Royal Freedom ( ) .you will get a free joining in The Royal Freedom of Rs.15555 and all the benefits which you can see on it’s website.Contact me at [email protected] if interested.

  4. Waif for one another week as the Election results are due for declaration on 16th May and observe which party is called to from the government and await the outcome.
    Even if you have to wait for more than a week pl do so before investment.

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