Please tell me about insurance of used car.?

In India, is it possible to get new insurance for an old car (suppose for a 10 years old car)? Or should the buyer of the old car just continue with the existing insurance?
I am curious.
In general which factors should be considered especially before buying very old cars? Which problems people generally face after buying such cars? Someone close to me is planning to buy one.

Please tell me about insurance of used car.?
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  1. There is no need to post your question in the maintenance section. Rather, your question belongs in the auto insurance and registration section.

    I don’t know if Indian insurance companies are any different but where I live, you can purchase insurance for any vehicle, regardless of the vehicle’s age.

  2. Friend ,you can get any old vehical insured with the help of insurence agent. Older the car cheaper is the insurence policy.The most important problem with used vehical is that it’s parts already have wear and tear

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