5 Replies to “please tell me 4-5 mutual funds to invest in sip rs 2000 per mf for 10 years..?”

  1. put it in

    reliance diversified power sector
    tata infrastructure
    sundaram midcap
    sbi contra

    it will make u a good return in 10 nyr period of time

  2. For 3 to5 years you can invest in service and infrastructure sectors. You can prefer Tata MF, UTI MF, Reliance MF, Sundaram MF, Birla sunlife MF.

  3. Do you mean Rs. 2000 in each scheme or in total?

    Well you can go for

    Reliance Growth Fund
    HDFC Equity Fund
    HDFC Top200 Fund
    ICICI-Prudential Services Industries Fund
    Franklin India Prima Plus

  4. i my view consider investing in
    dsp india tiger fund
    reliance equity growth fund
    franklin in opp. fund
    sbi global fund
    icici pru service fund

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