9 Replies to “Please suggest the best mutual funds to invest?”

  1. It takes alittle more than just the best mutual funds.

    1. Decide whether it is going to be within a tax shelterd account or regular. Why? Cause sometimes the tax implications of a mutual fund can be costly.

    2. Look at your risk tolerance, and time invested. If you are young, it doesn’t automatically mean that you can assume more risk or are more risk tolerant.

    3. Decided between a load mutual fund company or no-load company. The major difference is that a loaded company will provide some advice. They will do some qualifying before having you just jump right in, although the annual management fees will be slightly higher.

    I agree american funds is a good load company. There fees on most funds are lower than industry average. Plus, the mutual funds are multi-managed. Multi-managed means that there are several mutual fund managers per fund. This helps just in case something happens to one of them, the fund usually goes on without missing a beat.

    Otherwise, Vanguard is a very good no-load mutual fund company. Been around for years, strong performance and extremely low fees.

    Both companies have tons of choices to choose from. Just make sure that you allocate your monies well, and don’t overlap. Some people get 4 growth funds, this isn’t necessary.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Good luck

  2. According to me
    DSP Meril Lynch and Reliance Diversified Power can fech you a good profit if you invest in a long term fund only, otherwise there are less chances

  3. You can invest in ELSS schemes – they are low risk schemes which may give u more returns.

    Invest in SBI Magnum Tax gain scheme – the largest ELSS scheme in India

  4. i think the safest will be Reliance Money, Though u do have a lot of other options but a lot of people are opting for Reliance Money due to the brand name and the Back up of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani…. u can get a lot of info about Mutual funds by reliance money on their website.

  5. SBI Magnum Tax Gain Fund may be one of the best. You may consider, Reliance diversified power sector and Reliance Natural resources fund later if you want to enter more risk and more gain funds.


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  7. if u want to save tax then elss (equity linked saving scheme) where you cannot withdraw money for a particular time , if you dont want tax benefit then go for diversified equity mutual fund where you can sell your units anytime.. you can subscribe for franklin templeton or even reliance equity mutual fund both are good performers …

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