6 Replies to “Please suggest some investment plans?”

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  2. hi
    i will not suggest you to invest in stock market directly because it needs lots of knowledge.. but u can very well invest in top mutual funds which can yield a good return for ur hard earned money..
    u can invest some amount in ppf and some tax saver funds.. take a good term insurance and health insurance for u..

  3. savings is the best way. Fixed deposits in Banks. You can either opt to get the interest monthly i.e., term deposit. or you can chose to get the interest along with the Deposit amount. i.e., Fixed deposit. You can invest in L.I.C Pay the monthly premium or two months once premium or three months once premium. They do have share market plans in L.I.C. Invest in Gold, Land.

  4. Investments should not be planned by asking for choices in a public forum. May prove risky for your future.

    An investment planner will ask you several question to know more about your earnings and future requirements, also about your likings and knowledge level of investments and then plan your investments properly.

    Get into touch with an investment planner in your area.

  5. Do not jump directly to the share markets, try to invest in mutual funds, Post office deposits, bank Fixed deposits.
    Make sure you have an insurance policy first…..
    always maintain at least 10% of your money in your savings account.

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